Tea Cup and Saucer – Fish & Lotus – Set of 2


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Product Description

This cup and saucer set is beautifully hand-painted with a blue-on-white lotus and fish design. The porcelain is fired first at 800 C and painted with blue, then fired again at 1,300 C, an over-glaze, so the painting is protected below the second clear glazing. The lotus flower buds on the cup represent purity, and the small fish on the saucer signify freedom, like a fish swimming freely through the water. The cup and saucer sets are durable yet light and well balanced.

Additional Information

Weight 13 oz

2 oz

Other Features

Tea cups and saucers have a beautiful blue and red hand-painted design on white.
Our tea accessories, tea cups and saucers are a good size for tasting or serving whole leaf tea.
This teaware is made of high quality porcelain.
Tea cup and saucer tea set is made in Dehua, China


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