In-House Roasting

Many oolong teas are roasted during production to bring out certain flavors and aromas in the tea. It is also common for teas to be re-roasted when stored for longer periods in order to maintain or even restore drinkability. This re-roasting process, if done correctly, can further develop the tea’s key flavors and aromas, and enhance its sweetness, creating a tea with a deeper, more complex profile. The roasting process is a specialized skill that requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge of tea processing to properly execute.

Smacha’s House Roasts are roasted at our Bellevue, WA location by Teamaster Jason Chen, who personally carries out the process from start to finish in order to give you the rare treat of delicious, freshly roasted tea. His expert hand brings out the best in every tea. We encourage you to visit us during the roasting to see Master Chen in action and experience the freshly roasted tea for yourself! Don’t miss out on any of Smacha’s small-batch productions of hand-roasted tea!

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