Smacha Portion Packs-Mao Feng, Mountain Green Tip, 8-pack


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Product Description

Smacha’s most popular green tea, Mao Feng, AKA Green Tips, is processed using a traditional two-stage air-firing technique. This loose tea is known for its fresh, grassy, chestnut, slightly vegetal flavor. The dark olive leaves are slender and twisted, and open beautifully through the infusions. The aroma of our Mao Feng is light and flowery like an orchid. This Chinese tea is a favorite among our guests.

Smacha Portion Packs offer tea-brewing convenience for tea lovers and novices alike. Smacha Portion Packs can go straight into the Smacha Signature Autobrewer, and are equally suited for any other brewing vessel. Easy to use at home, at the office, or on the go, Smacha Portion Packs make real tea easy to enjoy. They make a great gift alongside the Smacha Autobrewer too!

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz

600m – 800m


1% – 2%


Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, China

Other Names

毛峰, Chinese Green Tea


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