Smacha Portion Packs-Bai Hao, Oriental Beauty, 8-pack


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Made using long-proven production methods, Oriental Beauty has multi-colored, silver-tipped, twisted leaves that are heavily fermented and medium-roasted. Before picking in summer, the leaves are visited by small insects called leaf hoppers, which in large part produce the beautiful honey-sweetness of the tea. Only Organically controlled tea gardens can be used to keep the leafhoppers alive.

Smacha Portion Packs offer tea-brewing convenience for tea lovers and novices alike. Smacha Portion Packs can go straight into the Smacha Signature Autobrewer, and are equally suited for any other brewing vessel. Easy to use at home, at the office, or on the go, Smacha Portion Packs make real tea easy to enjoy. They make a great gift alongside the Smacha Autobrewer too!

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Weight 4 oz



65% – 70%


Fujian, China


白毫烏龍, Oriental Beauty, Champagne Oolong


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