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Matcha is finely milled green tea that was developed in China over 1,000 years ago, and China is where Smacha sources its Matcha from today. The style later moved to Japan and is used in the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony. Matcha is gaining great popularity worldwide due to its many health benefits and its delicious flavor.

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The history of the powdered tea that today we call “Matcha” began and was developed in Buddhist Monasteries in China around 700 AD, when a taste for the health-giving tea became popular with the court and with the aristocracy. The tea’s origins can be traced to the city of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China, where many of the worlds finest Green Teas are made today.

In 1191, a Japanese monk named Esai, who was visiting a Monastery in Zhejiang, brought this form of tea drinking back home to Japan with him and introduced it to Japanese Monks. Soon after this, high quality powdered tea became very popular in Japan. The Buddhist influence led eventually to the formalized Japanese Tea Ceremony that we know today.

Smacha’s Matcha comes from the same Organic Green Tea facility in Shaoxing, where Smacha Ping Shui Ri Zhu is produced. Our Matcha is made with a very fine mesh size, 1,200, which is the same as is used in The Japanese Tea Ceremony and is of premium quality.


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