Golden Phoenix – Tea Sachet


Made using Smacha's “Whole Leaf ” teas

Environmentally friendly, pyramid shape is ideal for tea brewing

Enjoy three of more infusions, great convenience for office, travel, etc.

15 whole leaf tea sachets per box

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Product Description

This special, flavorful Oolong is grown on Phoenix Mountain in a volcanic-soil garden next to a mountain lake. This particular Phoenix Oolong is the famous honey-orchid variety. Its needle-sharp leaves brew a golden-orange liquor full of peach and lychee notes, with a stone fruit aroma that hints of its charcoal firing. The addition of Osmanthus Flowers adds a delicious sweetness and is a perfect complement to the special oolong.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz



35% – 40%


Chaozhou, Guangdong, China

Other Names

鳳凰單欉, Dan Cong, Single Tree Oolong


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