The Smacha Cold-Brew Tumbler

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Great for home or office.

Can re-steep tea 2 to 3 times.

Two suggestions for using The Smacha Cold-Brew Tumbler. Experiment and fine tune for different teas

Put a 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of tea in the brewer part. Fill the tumbler with a mix of ice and water. Tea will be ready in about 20 minutes and will be light at first. Keep the tea in the brewer part and continue to refill with ice and water, can do this at least 3 times.

Put a 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of tea in the brewer part. Fill with water and refrigerate about 6 hours. Remove the brewer compartment with the tea. Drink and enjoy.

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Product Description

This brewer tumbler combination is ideal for cold-brewing your favorite tea. Cold Brewing began in Taiwan and Hong Kong and is becoming very popular in mainland China too. This style of brewing gives a smooth sweet finish to teas. Green, Oolong, and Pu Erh are good choices as well as herbal teas. Add ice for a cold ice tea treat. Best used with quality tea.


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Weight 8 oz

20 oz.


Anhui, China


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