Black Pu Erh 1979 – Tea Sachet


Made using Smacha's “Whole Leaf ” teas

Environmentally friendly, pyramid shape is ideal for tea brewing

Enjoy three of more infusions, great convenience for office, travel, etc.

15 whole leaf tea sachets per box

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Product Description

This 2015 Ripe Pu Erh is made from the leaves of a semi-wild Pu Erh variety grown in Meng Ku, but produced in Feng Qing. The aroma is rich and deep and the brewed tea has a soft, sweet earthiness with notes of dried fruit. It is a smooth, comforting, and warming tea. The 1979 refers to the year Black, AKA Ripe or Shou Pu Erh was first developed.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz



5% initial with on-going, with additional accelerated bacterial post-fermention.


Feng Qing, Yunnan Province, China

Other Names

熟普洱茶, Shu Puer, Cooked Pu Erh, Dark Pu Erh


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