Heavily Roasted Tie Kuan Yin


5.5 oz. / 150 g.

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Aged in our facility in Bellevue, WA for two years to mellow the smoke, this tea has achieved an incredible richness and smooth texture.  A strong malty background supports the complex fruity overtones and combine for a sweet lingering aftertaste redolent of summer’s first apple pies and final blackberry crisps.  

Our heavy roast TKY comes from the best authentic region for Tie Kuan Yin, Gan De Mountain in Anxi.  It uses the best variety, Red Heart Peach, to deliver a truly authentic experience and comes vacuum sealed for freshness.

This tea is our sentimental goodbye to what has been an outstanding season, and a gateway to the heavier teas enjoyed in the coming cold months.  May this bountiful harvest remind you of fond memories this year and of the deliciousness that patience can bring.

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