2016 Jing Mai Old Tree Raw (Sheng) Pu-Erh Maocha


Maocha is unpressed Pu Erh

Very delicious and flavorful now, will improve nicely with proper storage.

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This tea has strong complex yet smooth fruit-like flavors that reflect the wilderness where it grows.

Moacha is unpressed Pu Erh and so every leaf is intact. Jing Mai borders Myanmar on the south and west and is the home to several tea-making and tea-loving ethnic minorities.
Collectively, the ancient tea plantations of Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan form the largest cultivated tea plantation in the world. More than a million ancient tea trees, some more than a thousand years old, and most between ten and 30 feet tall, grow in the understory of the rain forest.  Jing Mai Mountain was part of the Yunnan trunk of the ancient Tea Horse Road, the legendary network of China-to-Tibet commercial routes. There were multiple pathways in the “road,” which gets its name from its primary use in the 11th century as a way for China to trade tea for Tibetan horses. At the time, the going rate (set by the Sichuan Tea and Horse Agency) was 130 pounds of tea for one horse.

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2,000 m


5% initial with on-going, additional bacterial post-fermention


Jing Mai Mountains, Yunnan Province, China

Other Names

景迈桥木生普洱, Qiao Mu Sheng Puer, Raw, Green Pu Erh


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