2016 Loose Jing Mai Ancient Black Tea


Two of Teamaster Jason Chen’s long-time partners in China gave Jason and his wife a gift of several hundred kilograms of this tea as a 25th Wedding Anniversary present. From the $25.00 for 2 oz., ALL of the proceeds will be donated to their favorite charities, one for orphaned children and one for senior citizens in need

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From the Jing Mai Mountains, in a protected park situated above 5,000 feet, this Black Tea, made from the same trees as Jing Mai’s famous Pu Erhs, is first sun-dried like a Pu Erh but then fermented like a Black Tea to about 80%. It is left loose with full intact leaves. This complex process produces a tea that will store well and improve with proper aging.  It is made from trees averaging 500 year old or more, and exhibits the rare complexity, smoothness, and subtlety only found in tea made from trees of this age.

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Weight 2 oz





Jing Mai Mountains Yunnan China

Other Names

景邁古樹曬菁紅茶, Jing Mai, Gu Shu, Hong Cha


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