Our Gardens

Smacha’s Tea Gardens:

Smacha personally manages the entire supply chain for most of our teas. Growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, and packaging are all carried out with the strictest quality control standards under Tea Master Chen’s expert guidance. Other teas come from long-time trusted partners using Tea Master Jason Chen’s tea-making expertise. At Smacha, the overall quality of our tea is the most important thing. In order to ensure that our quality is the highest available, Tea Master Chen personally created three tea gardens in 2000, across three different provinces in China, where we currently grow about 60% of our teas. Smacha also operates production facilities at each of these gardens, so from “Garden to Cup”; Smacha is there for each and every step. Only in this way can we offer you premium tea, at a fair price, tea with an absolute guarantee of its origin and authenticity. We believe we can speak about our teas with confidence and honesty to each and every customer.

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